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Welcome to the Flex Radio Wiki dedicated to Software Defined Radios made by Flex Radio Systems!

Hi All,

The Flex Radio Wiki is alive and well!

Content from the old site has been moved over (as much as was possible to recover) and I hope provides some help to you.

Account information has been lost so you will need to establish an account to edit pages.

If you have an idea for a new topic, please contact Neal (K3NC) at nealk3nc at Thanks for the patience in moving the wiki to a new site!

73 es CU on the air! Neal K3NC

Getting started

  1. Overview of the PowerSDR system with supporting and external programs
  2. Where do I start? (What do I need?)
  3. Installing PowerSDR for the first time
  4. Upgrading PowerSDR
  5. List of useful software used with PowerSDR
  6. Setting Audio Gain

Installing and Configuring Support Programs

  1. Virtual Serial Port Programs ( For passing control signals between PowerSDR and client programs. )
  2. Virtual Audio Cables (VAC) ( For passing audio signals between PowerSDR and client programs. )MISSING
  3. Fldigi Multi-mode modem
  4. Ham Radio Deluxe
    1. Digital Master 780 (DM780)
  5. Mixw Multi-mode modem
  6. WSJT Weak signal modems
    1. Using the Click Tune/Filter Offset feature
  7. WSPR Weak signal modem
  8. JT65-HF (W4CQZ) weak signal modem
  9. MMTTY and MMVARI modem programs
  10. MMSSTV SlowScanTV modem
  11. EasyPal Digital SlowScanTV modem
  12. Winlink 2000 (PACTOR with AirMail)
  13. RMS Express ( Winmor )
  14. N1MM logging program ( Contest logger )
  15. Logger32 logging program ( General purpose logger )
  16. N3FJP ACLog & Field Day logging programs
  17. DXLabs Suite
  18. Bob's S-meter (free) and BobMeters (More functions, NOT free)
  19. DDUTIL
  20. RoMac CW IDer

Hardware Configurations

  1. How to interface the Flex 5000 to the Ameritron ALS-1300 Amplifier
  2. An example of digital mode sequencing for the Flex-1500
  3. So, you want to key your amplifier with the FlexWire PTT Out

Hints and Tips

  1. Delete past SN/radio login choices
  2. FlexControl DDUtil Macro Settings
  3. Remote access to your Flex Radio
  4. How to Install PowerSDR 1.n (or 2.n) on an Intel Macintosh
  5. Mouse hover focus-shift
  6. PowerSDR Remote Control Using iPad 2
  7. Automating the starting of all those programs.


  1. Flex-Radio is no longer "seen" by computer after an upgrade
  2. Transmit audio sounds bad
  3. Receive audio is suddenly "raspy"